Welcome to Mossy Creek Mushrooms


We are a comprehensive mushroom facilitator based in Jefferson City, Tennessee, not far from Knoxville. Beginning in 2011, Andrew and Samantha Reed began growing and selling mushrooms to local restaurants and to the general public at local farmers' markets as Mossy Creek Mushrooms. As time passed, we expanded into lab work and culture development, general mycological advising, and workshops open to the general public. With new aspects of the business came new staff members, Ben Erickson and Daniel Andromidas, both of whom help in a variety of ways at the growing and lab facility, farmers' markets, and workshops.

Why mushrooms?
One reason is their incredible versatility. Mushrooms are an essential part of the ecosystem because they grow on waste substrates, break down many pollutants, and can act as natural antibiotics. They can be produced on a variety of materials and in many different environments. They can also be grown on land that is useless for other agricultural purposes, all while breaking down spent substrates into nutrient-rich compost, which is useful for plants.
This sustainable aspect of mushrooms is what made us fall in love with them in the first place, but our favorite thing about mushrooms is, to put it simply, they taste delicious! When was the last time you said that about food as healthy as mushrooms?

Whether you’re interested in our mushrooms, our kits to grow your own mushrooms at home, or you just want to learn more about these amazing organisms, you can find it all at Mossy Creek Mushrooms!