Oyster Mushroom Cultivation

December 14 will mark our first on-site Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Workshop. It's about time we had one of these classes! We are so excited to invite you to our farm in Jefferson City, TN. This is not a traditional farm; oyster mushrooms are so prolific, we are able to grow them out of our suburban home. Attendees will be able to see how we grow our oyster mushrooms and ask questions to their hearts' desire. In this course, we will cover the basics of oyster mushroom cultivation: tools needed, strain selection, material sourcing, grow out techniques, pest management, and where to go from here. Everyone who attends will leave with an oyster mushroom kit and an oyster mushroom log. This will be a laid-back, hands-on course, packed to the gills with information. The workshop will be from 2pm-5pm and costs $50 per person or $80 per couple.

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