Would you like to start growing Gourmet Mushrooms?


Mossy Creek Mushrooms is now selling commercial Oyster Mushroom Grow Bags. These are large, 20 pound bags and are primarily used for growing mushrooms to sell at farmers markets and restaurants. We offer these bags in a variety of species and strains including but not limited to: Gold, Pearl, Blue, Phoenix, and--of course--our famous Pink Oyster. These strains all fruit within 2-3 weeks of delivery and will fruit roughly 6 lbs of mushrooms over a 4-5 week period. We are selling these 20 lb commercial bags for $20 each. We recommend selling these mushrooms for $8 or more per pound, giving you a great profit margin!

We also offer extensive training on growing mushrooms from these bags and can help you set up your production, grow mushrooms, and sell mushrooms as you begin your new start up! Contact us for more details on how we can help you begin a commercial Oyster Mushroom farm today!

Grow Bags

A Quick Look at a Mushroom Mini Farm

As a little treat today, here's a quick look at the daily progress of one of our Oyster Mushroom Mini Farms. These are a local favorite, a fun and simple way to have ultra-fresh mushrooms. Enjoy.