Our second Saturday at the Holiday Market is coming up, and we've added to our available products. On top of the products mentioned in last week's blog, we now have shiitake and lion's mane powders, and fresh lion's mane available.

Powders are great for providing, or enhancing, flavor in dishes. Each mushroom powder has its own taste. While the oyster powder has a more understated soft taste, the shiitake powder has a stronger, more woodsy taste to it. The lion's mane powder does more enhancing of the other flavors in your dish than adding its own flavor in. 

Love mushrooms, but needing a new recipe to make with them? Mushroom pierogi is a tasty version of dumplings you can make with the fresh mushrooms you can find at market this Saturday. Who doesn't love a good dumpling?

Unable to make it to market, but still want to order from us? You can order online here. Due to shipping policies, we are unable to ship mushroom powder, so it's unavailable online. We are sorry for the inconvenience.