I'm going to be honest. Growing up, I hated mushrooms. I wouldn't eat them on or in anything. It wasn't until I had locally grown fresh mushrooms that I realized how wrong I was about them. Store bought mushrooms lose a lot of their good flavor, and seem to adopt a different texture. 

This loss is sad, because it means a lot of people are losing out on how great mushrooms can actually be. In fact, according to Food Navigator,  mushrooms will see a big rise in 2016. That's good news for everyone. 

I love meat. I enjoy everything about it, honestly. I've tried to give it up a few times, and I get sick every time. While I enjoy meat, I'm also trying to get healthier. It's not easy, but there's good news. Many restaurants are starting to blend hamburger meat with mushrooms. Up to half the meat will actually be mushrooms, but most people like them just as mush as 100% meat. 

Fresh mushrooms go great on pizza, too. 

Fresh mushrooms go great on pizza, too. 

This is good news because mushrooms have no fat, but are packed with protein and many other things that are good for your body. If you can cut out half the fat and still have a burger that tastes amazing, I'd count that as a huge win. 

Mushrooms might not be taking over the world (yet), but more people are realizing the benefits they present. 

AuthorMelanie Andromidas