In the newsletter I announced that we've seen some growth with chicken of the woods, which is exciting. Chicken of the woods is a versatile mushroom, and can be prepared in many different ways, similar to its namesake. 

I was slightly surprised, however, to see a recipe for beer battered chicken of the woods. I suppose it shouldn't surprise me, I just hadn't thought about breading and frying it. As soon as I can get my hands on some, I'm going to be trying this. 

Close up of some chicken of the woods

Close up of some chicken of the woods

This recipe would be great for a get together, or even just a family night. My kids love breaded foods, so I'm curious to see how they'd react to this. I wonder if they'd be able to tell the difference and realize it's not really chicken. Maybe I'll write a post after they've tried it to let you guys know how my picky eaters did with it.

Now I just need to get my hands on some. Is it summer yet?

AuthorMelanie Andromidas