In Iowa, Morel certification classes are going on during March and April. In order to sell any Morels, you will need this certification. The class lasts for three hours, and your certificate is good for three years. 

While Morels are a fairly popular mushroom, there are some poisonous mushrooms that look similar. Knowing how to tell the difference is important. While the class is sure to be more in depth, I found this guide that is a good start to making sure you're getting the good stuff. 

Morel coming up from the ground

Morel coming up from the ground

While some people believe there isn't a risk in eating what is known as a "false Morel", people have died from the poison in them. I don't believe it would be worth it to try. 

I'm not sure if a three hour class is really necessary, but when it comes to making sure the food you're eating isn't going to kill you, it is beneficial to be cautious, especially when selling that food to other people. 

Mushrooms don't have to be scary. Hopefully, with more education on how to go about gathering and eating them safely, we can bring down the stigma against them. What do you think? 

AuthorMelanie Andromidas