I've heard several times that Comb Tooth mushrooms can be cooked to taste like lobster. Since lobster tends to run on the expensive side, if true, this is good news for lobster lovers all over. Vegans might also enjoy this, just switch out the butter for a vegan substitute. 

If you're wanting to try for a lobster flavor, slice the Comb Tooth and saute it in butter, being careful not to overcook it. Feel free to add some garlic or other seasonings for a bit more flavor. A lot of the butter will be absorbed, so you may need to add more during cooking. If you feel too much was absorbed, lightly press with a paper towel before eating to get out excess butter. 

Comb Tooth Mushroom

Comb Tooth Mushroom

Comb Tooth itself has very few calories, and no fat. Most of the calories would come from the butter used to cook it in. 

If lobster is a favorite dish, but you have to have it sparingly because of the cost, you can order a Comb Tooth Mini Farm to grow on your counter-top and have plenty available in just a few weeks. You can prepare this tasty dish for a friendly get together.

If you make this, comment below and let us know how it turns out. Did you think it tasted like lobster? 

AuthorMelanie Andromidas