If you've been following our blogs at all, you've surely come to realize that we're passionate about mushrooms, not just for their culinary delights, but because they've been shown time and again to be a boon to the world. It is our belief that there are copious reasons why growing your own mushrooms is a great idea, but I'll narrow it down to four. 

Increase Awareness of Their Greatness

One of our goals is to increase awareness of the many ways mushrooms can benefit the world, thus bringing them back into mainstream culture, in more than just culinary arts. A good way to spread awareness of the magnificent mushroom is having numerous people growing them and educating others. 

Extremely Beneficial for Your Health

Mushrooms are high in protein, but have no fat and are low in cholesterol. With the meaty texture many of them have, they are good for cutting down on the fat you eat by combining them with your meat, or even using them as a meat replacement. Since they are also a good source of fiber and many other nutrients, they are a good choice for protein substitution. Having mushrooms growing on your counter would make it easy to harvest and use them in a delicious meal. 

Beautiful When Growing

It is common to grow plants for aesthetic purposes, but not all of them are also purposeful. Mushrooms come in a variety of different colors and shapes and are visually appealing. They bring some beauty, with a purpose, to your kitchen. 

Great for Composting

Once your mushrooms are done growing, the spent mushroom substrate is a great addition to your compost pile. Fungal compost teas are helpful when growing berries, coniferous trees, and deciduous trees.  

Easy and Don't Take up Much Space

Unlike vegetables in a garden, mushrooms don't take much work. Mini-farms can be grown on the counter, so you don't even have to leave your house to care for them. Weeds aren't going to be sprouting up and trying to strangle them, and you don't even have to have free yard space. All you need is a spot on your counter and a bit of water. 

Mushrooms really are amazing. They could do a lot to benefit the world, but we need to educate more people before we can get to a place where they're being used to their full potential. If more people grew their own mushrooms and talked about the good they could do, we could encourage more research into their uses.

If you're interested in growing your own mushrooms, check out our mini-farms or plug spawn. We've also got some good recipes to use them in, and will be adding more in time.