Growth, in people and businesses, brings changes. In many ways, changes can also bring growth. With that in mind, we have many upcoming changes. 

Improved Mini Farms

Bigger, but more simple, mini farms will now be sent out. We are working on creating an information booklet that will be included with them in the future. 

Customer Service Email

To better serve our customers and cut down on response times, we have a new customer service email address. If you have any questions about your purchase; or need assistance, please email instead of sending a message on Facebook. 

Website Updates

This change will probably take the longest, as it's a bit of a process. Our web page will be getting an overhaul, part of our ongoing work to improve it. 

As we progress, I'm sure more changes and updates will arise, but these are the big ones going on right now. Are there any changes you would like to see us make in the future? Leave suggestions in the comments below.