I've been predicting that winter would officially hit mid January for a while now, and it turns out I was right. The temperatures in my area have topped at 25 degrees for the past two days, and we woke to several inches of snow. The kids were excited, me not so much. I'm not a fan of cold, or snow. I think it's pretty, but I hate being out in it. Of course, out in it I went.

Weather this cold makes me think of two things: hot chocolate, and soup. Mushrooms are great in a nice robust soup, like this one. I think shiitake mushrooms would go great in it, and I would most likely add in some potatoes. I like my soup with some great rolls, but of course they are many other good sides to have with soup.

I'm already ready for winter to be over, but while waiting it out I'll survive with my hot cocoa and soup. And maybe a lot of coffee. 








AuthorMelanie Andromidas