Death is often a taboo subject, but it's one that needs to be discussed. It's inevitable that we all will die at one point. Have you given any thought to what will happen to your body when you're no longer alive? I have, for many years, actually. I recently found out about something called an Infinity Suit, which is a suit with mushroom spores infused into it. When someone dies they can be put into the suit and buried in it. As the mushrooms grow the decomposing body will feed them. Sound kinda creepy? Maybe, but here are three big reasons you should consider one. 

A Wiser Financial Choice

Funerals are known to put grieving families out of several thousands of dollars. The average cost of a funeral is around $10,000. If a family member dies unexpectedly, dealing with the cost can put their family into debt, especially if the deceased was the bread winner. The Infinity Suit is only $1,500 and can be bought in advance so it'll be ready when needed. This can help your family be prepared to deal with your body, and save them from a huge financial burden.

A More Environmentally Friendly Option

The idea of getting buried in a big box always seemed wasteful to me, so I figured I'd go with cremation. The problem with that is, cremation isn't exactly an ecologically friendly way to dispose of a body either. Hard metals and toxins can be released into the air when a body burns, and to burn that body requires a lot of fuel, which adds to pollution. There are less damaging ways to get cremated that you can look into if that's still what you want to do, but even better still, the Infinity Suit doesn't require a big box to be buried in, and as the mushrooms grow they remove the harmful toxins from your body. 

A Possible Food Source

Mushrooms are known to be able to break down plastic, heavy oils, and other damaging substances, destroying them and replacing the damage they cause with benefits to the soil. While there is still ongoing research on the subject, it is likely that the mushrooms are still edible. This is a good way to turn waste into a food source, which will be highly beneficial, especially in developing countries. 

As with any new and different item, the Infinity Suit is likely to make people uncomfortable at first. That is understandable, but the economical, environmental, and agricultural benefits are worth considering and moving forward with. Maybe one day it will be the cultural norm. What do you think? Would you consider burial in an Infinity Suit?


AuthorMelanie Andromidas