Phone Consultations With Andrew 

If you want to start a mushroom farm, or you are already growing mushrooms and want to improve your business, Andrew spent several years learning things the hard way, and he's offering up his expertise so you don't have to repeat the same process. Andrew and the Mossy Creek Mushrooms team have guided several farms through a successful launch, and we are continually improving our system.

Our new series on Youtube and our blog are a great starting place. There we introduce the "Work Backwards" philosophy to mushroom growing and our very accessible growing process. Armed with the basics, you will be able to maximize the benefit gained from a one-on-one consultation.  First consults are three hours. The first two hours are scheduled up front, and the last hour is left to be broken up over the next few weeks, enabling people to call Andrew a few minutes at a time for extra help. Accounting tips, equipment lists, and a production walk-through are just a few of the helpful topics covered in our consultations.

Knowledge and advice aren't the only benefits to scheduling a consultation, however. Everyone in the USA that schedules a consultation will receive a free Mossy Creek Mushrooms Original culture plate; a $100 value, an invitation to a secret Facebook group that enables open discussion and tips, access to exclusive MCM discounts, and access to suppliers they might not be  able to buy from otherwise. 

To schedule a consultation, select a date and time from the calendar below and select continue from the drop down menu, and input your information for checkout in the next block. Finally you will receive your order confirmation in the confirmation block. You will receive an email with an overview of the format, and some reading material to prepare for the phone call.